Cafe sko

Café Sko

Café Sko is a small and charming café at Toosbuys Torv.

Café shoe is an obvious choice when you visit Toosbuys Torv when the hunger or thirst reports in. But did you know that you can book the Café for your own event as well with getting the food delivered straight to your chosen location.

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Coffee, brunch, nachos and burgers

Do you get hungry or thirsty when you visit Toosbuys Torv in Bredebro? Then Café Sko has the proper solution for you, at Café Sko you will be able to get yourself a good cup of coffee, brunch and hot dishes. Or how about a delicious portion of nachos or a burger?

Host your party at Café Sko or order food as delivery

Organising a party? At Café Sko you will be able to rent the premises. It's easy and straightforward, and if you choose this solution, you can concentrate on being the host's host and centerpiece and let Café Sko will make sure that the food, drinks and surroundings play 100%. Would you rather hold the party in your own safe environment but have the food from Café Sko? As mentioned we do offer the option to order food as delivery where you agree to all of the details regarding the food in advance. Once the agreement is settled, Café Sko will deliver the order on your big day.

Monday - Friday 11.00 - 17.00
Saturday 10.00 - 14.00
1st Thursday in the month 11.00 - 21.00