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In South Denmark, close to the German border and only a few kilometers from the Wadden Sea, you will find a small town called Bredebro. The town hosts the headquarters of one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the world – the brand ECCO.

Next to ECCO headquarters, you will find Toosbuys Torv. Toosbuys Torv is a shopping area founded in 2015 and named after the ECCO founders, Birte and Karl Toosbuy. Toosbuys Torv houses the world's largest ECCO store and premium outlet of 700 square meters and a combined hunting and outdoor shop.
Before you start the shopping trip, we recommend visiting Digebageren where you always can find fresh baked bread and juice to start your day.
Also, be sure to visit Café Sko and enjoy the wide variety of food and beverages. At Toosbuys Torv, all shops contribute to create a pleasant atmosphere, as quality, good experiences and competitive prices are appreciated.
On this website you will have the provided information about the history of Toosbuys Torv and its shops, as well with the ECCO exhibition Æ Laut.
On the respective store pages you can visit the stores' own websites and Facebook pages to view supply, current offers, special events and more.
A number of events are held at Toosbuys Torv, where everyone is welcome. It is therefore recommended to keep an eye on Toosbuys Torv and the stores' Facebook pages where events will be announced.

We look forward to welcoming you at Toosbuys Torv!

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