In continuation of ECCO's 50th anniversary in 2013, it was decided to set up an exhibition in Bredebro, where guests can learn about the company's history, values and development in technology, design and production.

The result is an exhibition about ECCO, located in the black wooden building on Toosbuys Torv. The exhibition is located on the 1st floor and has got the South Jutish name "Æ Laut" which can be translated to "Upstairs" or "the loft". Using interactive elements and sound, guests are taken on a learning experience in the leather and shoe production. Guests learn about ECCO's history and values, by feeling, touching and operating many of the exhibition's elements. From the moment the guests enter the exhibition, they will be welcomed to a world of leather. The walls and parts of the ceiling is covered with 150 whole hides from cows. The production process is explained in the middle of the exhibition using seven interactive tables, that step-by-step show how ECCO shoes are made. From the first design sketches to the final quality inspection before the shoes are delivered to the store. The interaction gives the guests the opportunity to experience how ECCO operates. Guests can, for example, virtual sew a shoe together, while listening to a story where ECCO's employees explain how they work with the various processes.


Opening hours are not fixed. The exhibition opens for pre-booked tours for groups of min. 10 persons.

Tours are booked through ECCO Visitor Service at: or mobile +45 23 73 11 67